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Site Updates and notices listed below -
* Site launched October 2000.
* November. 2000. 'Gallery' page added.
* May 2001. Australia's 'Silicon Chip' mag. does a feature story on 'Counters' - details below counter pic. on 'Parts' page.
* May 2001. Constructor's note on debounce settings displayed beneath counter pic.on 'Parts' page also.
* June 2001. 'Jigs and Spacers' picture with description added to 'Gallery' page.
* September. 2001. The 'Model 6 Winder' is now completed - see it in the 'Gallery' and close-up in the 'Workshop'
* October. 2001. Marked the first birthday of this site. Thanks to those who have offered encouragement and appreciation.
* December. 2002. Time I added another winder - the Model 7 is now in the 'Gallery'.
* June. 2003. Updated 'Possibilities' page with the 'Designed2Wind stepper-powered Auto-Traverser'.
* October. 2003. D2W site celebrates three years operation.
* December. 2003. Uploaded 'R&D Lab'. Page, featuring  auto-traversing Model 8's control features. M8 also in 'Gallery'.
* October. 2004. Now we are 'four'! Four years up and running! Thank you to those who have provided positive feedback.
* April. 2005. Update notice added to 'General Outline' page advising of discontinued publication of Jason Lollar's book.
* June. 2005. Added pic. of mechanical type counter to 'Parts' page.
* July. 2005. Adjusted MIMF link to correspond to relocated address.
* Nov. 2005. 'What should I know about coil insulation?' added to 'Questions' page.  Help note provided here on this sometimes overlooked aspect of winding.
* July. 2006. Posted in the 'Gallery'. An  easy to build tools and materials storage unit using a 'lazy susan' bearing in the base for easy 'spin-and-select' access.
* January. 2007.
NEW to the 'Gallery'. A simple short scale monochordal lap steel type pickup test bed with binding posts! A 'fun' project using 'junk' parts!

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