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    This site is for those interested in making and repairing magnetic instrument pickups. It assumes that the reader will have some understanding of guitar and other magnetic pickups, since it is not my intention to reproduce material which is widely available elsewhere. My particular focus is on home built winding machines suitable for pickup making applications. While I purposely do not offer any plans, or step by step construction details, I do offer an overview of such machines. My objective is to stimulate the reader's imagination and resourcefulness. Here, you will find portable bench top machines of my own design and manufacture, and an outline of approaches to planning, construction, sourcing parts and materials, and some useful links.

About the Author

    I make handcrafted pickups and repair/rewind on a very limited basis in Melbourne, Australia. I have built numerous electric guitars and basses over the years, and enjoy the challenges of problem solving and design which guitar technology presents. Pickup making became a serious interest when the cost of purchasing quality pickups for 'the next project' became an expensive consideration. Nine years ago, I built my first winder (a treadle powered contraption) and have since worked on pickups and machines ranging from the commonplace to the unusual. Some years back, I contributed a number of articles to the 'Trade Secrets' pages of Stewart MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply catalog. Please note, however, I do not sell machines or supplies.
My collection of winders ranges from simple to complex - each with its own personality, after all, . . . machines are only human!

Welcome! I hope this site will prove interesting to those with such a specialized interest as pickup winding.

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